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If you just have a limit of time then try us the 3 days 2 nights.
We have selected the Koh Yao Noi and Krabi for you.

Hello..Greeting from Koh Yao NoiKoh Yao Noi Island is situated in the Bay of Phang Nga in Southern Thailand and even though the island is only a one-hour boat ride from the tourist hub of Phuket you will feel as if you're a million miles away.

There are no loud bars, no high-rise hotels, just a handful of bungalows overlooking the Andaman Sea. Not only is this island affordable, it's an untouched paradise. The traditional way of life on Koh Yao Noi Island has remained virtually unchanged. The main road snakes through rice paddies, fishing villages and plenty of secluded beaches. The best way to explore it is on two wheels.

Krabi province contains superb natural scenery with jungle covered limestone cliffs, rock formations, hot springs and mangroves as well as islands and beaches. Distinct from the rest of Thailand, with influences from Malaysia, the local culture has retained many of its traditions and remains largely unaffected by tourism, making the area quite unique.

Krabi is a great place to relax. The pace is unhurried and many beaches can only be reached by boat, keeping development to a minimum. Much of the province has been designated National Park. Over 80 smaller islands and the Phi Phi islands - made famous as the idyllic location for the Hollywood film ‘the Beach”.

Scenic view riding.

Discover yourself why Koh Yao Noi is the number 3 of the world record provide by National Geographic 2003 of worth visiting and sustain e-co tourism.

Krabi-Ao Nang this is the perfect route for cycling, limestone krast mountain, billion green of local agriculture, rubber trees, oil palms, coffee field and more.

Krabi, Ao Nang Bay, is the most popular beach area in Krabi with over 80 island of amazing shape. Discover why may visitor have described it as one of the world most spectacular beach scenery.

The group of bikers from Singapore ..Murphy and Team visit Koh Yao Market.Group size: 2-12 people.

The size of the group is minimum 2 persons if you do have more friends that book the tour than two at the same time the cost of the tour will deduct down as for reasonable price. For individual biker we try to put you on the same sex room, (if the room is available) anyhow we will let you know our plan and discuss before the trip start.

Who can go on this multi day’s tour?

Any person with a good condition will have no problem to finish this tour. The average of speed cycling is 18-25 km per hrs. Most of the cycling follows on road little rolling terrain with some off road short tracks up, down hill. Some experience will help. But just everybody in good condition can enjoy this ride. You will enjoy various types of landscapes and get in touch with local people

Place to sleep.Our accommodations we will stay at standard bungalow with sea view at Takao bungalow or similar level. The room is simple with balcony. You will enjoy the scenery of the islands and so peaceful there. In the room there are no TV, radio, mini-bar, hot water, air-conditioned but electric fan. The climate there is always cooler than the daytime just close your mosquito- net before sleep. In the morning you should wake up early to see the panoramic sunrise there. So nice!

Secnic bike riding at Nai-Sra village road, Krabi-ThailandSpeed riding?

We are cruising in the speed of average 18-25 km / hour this is the good speed for bike touring and see thing around you. We will take a break in many places of interesting and our friendly guide will tell you the finer details of its area and background information.

When we start bike riding on the next day?

Let's say 9.00-9.30 AM after your breakfast. You will have more time to sleep enough and re-load energy with breakfast then we shoot out. Time can be adjust depend on the schedule of the group or else.

The tour guides.

Our guides are all very experienced, easy going and skilled bicycles, with an in-depth knowledge of the riding areas. English is their second language, so they can ensure you never miss what's going on and that you make the most of your time with us.

The bicycle.

Our bicycles are equipped with up-to-date Shimano parts 21-24 gears and good front suspension, and we have sizes and designs to suit any size of man or lady. Tour guests are advised to bring their own shorts and gloves. We can provide bicycle helmets for no extra charge.

Our back up van will stay with us on the main land till the end of the journey.Back up vehicle.

We provided you with our supported vehicle on the main land. In Koh Yao Noi there will not have back up vehicle. All of your suite case will transfer to the bungalow with our staff when we arrive at Koh Yao Noi. At Krabi we will have our back up by our escorted vehicle and the escorted vehicle will stay with us till the end of the journey.

Place to sleep.

Our accommodation we will stay at standard bungalow with sea view at Takao bungalow or similar level. The room is simple with balcony. You will enjoy the scenery of the islands and so peaceful there. In the room there are no TV, radio, mini-bar, hot water, air-conditioned but electric fan. The climate there is always cooler than the daytime just close your mosquito- net before sleep. In the morning you should wake up early to see the panoramic sunrise there. So nice!

Rice field at Koh Yao Noi During rainny season..it's billion green! The place where we sleep at Koh Yao Noi , all bungalow are facing to the sea.

NOTE: The sun is much stronger than you might think, use sun block higher than 20 the first days. If you get burned go to a Thai pharmacy and get the local treatment. It is cheap and works great!

Yummy...food at the local restaurant.

Meal plans* we will offer you breakfast at your bungalow or hotel, lunch will serve a long the way at local noodle soup restaurant (May be some great Rotee or local pancake with ice coffee or lemon ice-tea)

Dinner? Yes, after a long day cycling we will provide you with big dinner to re-load your energy we do offer you Thai Food and of course fresh sea food from the sea.

If you do not like seafood then we will find something else for you. Meals as show in the programs of the trip.

*For alcollic drinks during the meals that will be extra charge by the restaurant. We will provide you soft-drink and drinking water. After meals we also offer you fruits on the season. At Koh Yao Noi there is no mini-bar in your room we will provide you drinking water in the ice box between your room you can take them as you like it. From our experienced after biking in the tropical area around here. In the night you will feel quite thirsty. So do not worry we will prepare those for you. (just drink it as camel!)

Tour programs

Day 1

Transportation: *Join Local Boat+bike.

Meals: lunch and dinner

Distance 42-50 Km.

Surface: village road up and down hill.

*If your group is more than 4 persons we will provide you with private boat.

The local boat..with 220 truck disel engine. Group check in at the pier before boat ldepart for Koh Yao Noi

8.15-8.30 am. We will collect you from your hotel in Phuket and take you Pier north east of Phuket. Experience the local-boat with 200-horse power truck diesel engine head to the island. Along the way to the island you will see the panoramic view of Phang-Nga Bay with more than 40 islands in the different formation. It is also a good opportunity for photos. After one-hour boat ride we will arrive at Koh Yao pier. Your belonging will transfer to the bungalow then we start our bike tours through the village and scenic area. After check in we will have some light lunch and take some break.

The afternoon tour will start again for bike adventure. The guide will lead you to the village, visit people, see the way of living and more. At the end of the journey we will visit the local market you will have some idea what peple eat or cook for their meal. And before go back to our bungalow your guide will take you to try the local pancak (Rotee..Rotee..) with some local drink then we head to home. ( arrive at bungalow around 6.30 pm)

Dinner and over night. ( dinner time start 19.30-20.00 hrs if you are hungry before you can ask your guide to adjust the time to match your stomach!)

Day 2

Transportation: Join Local Boat+bike.

Meals: breakfast lunch and dinner

Distance 60-70 Km.

Surface: village road and small road.

Group of bikers at local shop along the way to Krabi

7.00 am. After breakfast, we will take the bicycles on the boat and head to Krabi, During the journey you will enjoy the scenery of island in different formation. After we arrive at the pier you will meet our ecort van for loading water and some snacks. Start cycling to Ao-Nang Krabi province. Route from pier to Ao nang is fantasticnot only for bike rideing! But no doubts why so many filmmakers form Hollywood choose this area for film shooting.We will do biking in both village road and some dirt road through idalic rubber plantations, palm oil, coconut groves and more. We will stop at some place of interesting and the guide will explain the finer details of its area and local plants.

The lunch: we will have lunch at the restaurant at Ao Nang Beach. If you can not make it to Ao Nang Beach.. so ....no lunch for you! Then you have to find some wild banana or some fruits yourself...After lunch we will continue the trip by some hidden dirt road to Krabi town. We will show you nice area of its route ( Bridgestone and stunning valleys there.)

Afer we arrive at Krabi town. We will have sometime for you to visit Krabi town by yourself by walk or bike but before you leave the group just make sure you have the phone number of the your guide incase some nice girls block you not to meet the group again.

Get off from the beaten tracks.

Before we leave Krabi town we will see the time that match the boat or not if we still have time we will ride back to pier. If not we will take the escort van back to the pier. *Board on the boat and back to our bungalow.

( *The Sea -Tide condition : Your guide will check with the boat man about the sea-tide, sometime when it is low-tide the escort boat can not leave the pier..any way your guide will let you know about the time to match the trip)

Dinner and over night.

Day 3

Transportation: Join Local Boat
+bike+supported vehicle.

Meals: breakfast and lunch.

Distance 40 Km. Cycling to the pier.

Surface: village road and small road.

Hey..Man! becareful the coconut...!9.00 breakfast, then check out o We will cycle to the pier for joinning the local ferry boat trip back to Phuket.

Meet our van on Phuket, start bike riding our popular Northern Trails of Bike Tours, see thing surrounding after finish the program we will have lucnh at local restaurant then transfer you back to your accomodation in Phuket.

End of the program

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Tour price. 3 Days 2 nights cycling tours
Minimum: 2 person, maximum 12 person.

Tour prices are in Thai Baht.

2 person

3-4 person

5-12 person(price/person)

Stay at bungalow

Room are base on twin sharing.




Single room

Single room

Single room

All this means you can enjoy the riding, scenery, culture and atmosphere of the Southern part of Thailand, knowing we've taken care of everything for your stay.

Accommodation: kho.gif (4925 bytes)
local bungalow at Koh Yao Noi
(twin sharing)
Meals: are included as mentioned.

Bicycles: Well maintain Mountain bike 21-24 gears with front suspension
Category: adventure cycling (it is- compulsory to wear a cycling helmet).
Beverage: dd.jpg (14507 bytes)because of the tropical heat it is advisable to drink a lot.

We will stop along the way at local shops or at our support vehicle to provide you cold water and energy drinks.

Clothing: please bring your own, gloves, bicycle shorts, SPD shoes and pedals. A cycling helmet will be available.
Escort vehicle: su.gif (5377 bytes)there is support vehicle on mainland as our back up : fruits, drinking water, energy drinks, mini-cold towel
We strongly recommend that tour guests bring their own bicycles.

Tour guests are advised to bring their own shorts and gloves. We can provide bicycle helmets for no extra charge.


Full payment by bank transfer is required 3 weeks before the trip departure.
All bank transfer charge / fees to be paid by clients. Our bank account number is:

  • Branch: Phuket Branch.
  • Account type: Current Account.
  • Account No: 805-6-04088-9
  • Account name: Action Holidays Phuket.


The information about Koh Yao Noi island.

Koh Yao Noi Island, with 5,000 inhabitants, is one of the largest islands surrounding Phuket, is situated in the Bay of Phang Nga in Southern Thailand and even though the island is only a one-hour boat ride from Phuket you will feel as if you're a thousand miles away. There are no loud bars, no high-rise hotels, just a handful of bungalows. This island is not the island to come if you want to party. Sit on deck chairs sunning yourself, watch ladyboys on podiums or spent your money in market.

Koh Yao Noi is the place to get away from it all. The islanders are Muslim and the majority of the population are rubber farmers and fishermen. There are 24 hours electricity and Internet accesses in few shop houses. There is one ATMs in the town of Koh Yao and of course one 7-11 super market and local shops (fresh food or cooked food) Taxi are available if you don’t want to walk around. So not only is this island affordable, it's an untouched paradise. The traditional way of life on Koh Yao Noi Island has remained virtually natural, quitet and easy place to live. Koh Yao Noi is the center of government with all government offices located there. Koh Yao has many tourist attractions that still maintain their natural beauty along with many beautiful beaches. The people of this island lead a simple life bond with the sea along with making a living from the sea.  Apart from this, not far from the coast of Koh Yao are many exotic islands, which increase the beauty of Koh Yao.

There are a few bungalow operations providing basic but very charming accommodations. Rental vehicles are not an option, although sometimes you can strike a deal with people at the bungalow to use their motorcycle.  Beside, you can charter Tuk Tuk for sightseeing around the island.  Traveling to Koh Yao Yai is like traveling back in time.

Interesting tourist attractions on Koh Yao Noi are as follows:

Tha Khao Beach is about five kilometers away from the Koh Yao District Administrative Office.  This beach has many colorful rocks and pebbles.  A short distance away from the beach is a small island called Koh Nok which can be reached on foot during low tide or by canoe during high tide.

Pa Sai Beach is about seven kilometers away from the District Administrative Office.  This long stretch of white, pristine beach is a place where you can swim and is shady with lots of trees. It also provides a spectacular view of the islands.

Klong Jaak Beach from a viewpoint on this beach you can see almost the whole of Koh Yao.

Ao Kian is under the control of the Phang-nga Bay National Park, located on the north of Koh Yao Noi. It has a lush forest with many large trees, along with a white beach and a perfect swimming place.

Apart from this, tourists may hire a boat from Koh Yao to Pa Koh , which is a group of more than 100 islands, such as Koh Lao Ka Lao, Koh Lao La Ding, and Koh Pak Bia. They can also go snorkeling at Koh Hong in Krabi. There are also many other interesting islands around Koh Yao as follows:

Koh Yao Yai is the largest island in Koh Yao District and has many interesting beaches, such as Ao Thi Kud, Ao Klong Son, Ao Sai, Lo Pa Raed beach, Ao Laan, Ao Hin Kong, and Laem Nok Or. Lo Jaak pier is an important pier from Koh Yao to Phuket. The water at the pier is clear and schools of fish swim near the bridge at the pier. Visitors can see the production of dried anchovies (pla ching chang) here. There are inexpensive bungalows on the island along with home-stay accommodations with the local people, who make a living by fishery or agriculture, to learn their lifestyle. Beautiful beaches on Koh Yao Yai are:

Loh Jaak Beach and Loh Jaak pier is an important pier from Koh Yao Yai to Phuket.  Merchandise worth over 100,000 baht pass through this pier daily. The beach here is white, and the water is clean and clear.  Schools offish swimming near the bridge are a beautiful attraction. Visitors can also go fishing or search for shells or see the production process of making dried anchovies (pla ching chang). Long-tail boats can be hired to go to Koh Kai Nok or Koh Kai Nai. There are two trips leaving the pier to Phuket everyday at 8 pm and 2 pm daily.

Loh Pa Raed Beach is located in the middle of the island, on the west coast. The long, white beach is parallel to coconut plantations, ideal for camping, swimming, and seeing different types of shells, along with the lifestyle of the Hua Tong boat fishermen.  Moreover, there are beautiful rocks on the north of the beach.

Klong Son Beach is ideal for camping amidst the wilderness where you can see boars, mouse deer, and various kinds of birds. You can also take a walk on the beach and look for shells or arrange a campfire night.

Ao Thi Kud is located on the west of the island. At the north of the bay is a cape with a beautiful view.

Ao Laan has a beautiful beach where you can also go swimming. To the north of the beach has deep waters. Getting to this beach would be more convenient by boat.

Khai Islands
consist of two islands:

Koh Kai Nog has rocks and beautiful beaches with clear water. You can also dive around the island to see the coral and the various types of fish. A school of dolphins can be seen here almost every day. Koh Kai Nog can be reached by boat from Lo Jaak pier or from Phuket, which is 15 km away.

Koh Kai Nai is a small island with beautiful beaches and shady trees. There are no constructions on the island to come between you and nature. Snorkelling here you will feel that you truly are in a marine national park. See different types of coral and underwater marine life up close.  It takes about 25 minutes by long-tail boat to get to Koh Kai Nai from Loh Jaak pier.  

The islands can be  reached from Koh Sirey, Laem Hin Pier and Chalong Bay in Phuket by hiring a boat or contact tour operators. 

Koh Rang Nok (Li Peh) is one of the many islands where swallows make their nests. Swallows nests from Koh Yao are considered to be of the highest quality. Normally visitors are only allowed to see the island from the boat, as going on to the island would be disturbing the swallows.

Koh Nog is an island nearby Koh Yao Noi, It has beautiful beaches suitable for camping. This is a very private island and can be reached by a small long-tail boat, which can accept about 5-10 passengers per trip. The price is about 300-500 baht per boat.

Koh Phii (Pu Lao Hantu) This island has the skeletons of sea gypsies in a cave. Sea gypsies normally pass by this island. Visitors can go diving around the island. The island is also another place where swallows birds make their nests and visitors are not allowed on it.

The way to travel to Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai.
is available from Phuket, Phang-Nga and Krabi, but leaving from Phuket is the most convenient.

From Phuket

Bang Rong Pier in Tambon Pha Khiok, Thalang District, (from the Heroines Monument to the tenth kilometer) There are boats going to:
- Manoh Pier on Koh Yao Noi. The trip takes 1 hour and leaving Bang Rong Pier at 11.00, 12.30,14.30,17.00 hrs.
- Chong Laad and Khiong Hia Piers on Koh Yao Yai. The trip takes 1 hour and , leaving Bang Rong Pier at 12.30 hrs.

Laem Hin Pier in Tambon Koh Kaew, Muang District, Phuket. There are boats going to:
- Laem Yai Pier on Koh Yao Yai. The trip takes 1 hour 20 minutes and costs 50 baht, leaving Laem Hin Pier at 2 p.m.

Tien Sin Pier on the way to Koh Sirey in Phuket Town, there are boats going to:
- Loh Jaak Pier on Koh Yao Yai, The trip takes an hour and costs 50 baht, leaving Tien Sin Pier at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Rassadana Port in Tambon Rassada, Phuket Town, there are boats going to:
- Loh Jaak Pier on Koh Yao Yai. The trip takes an hour and On Sunday-Thursday the boats leave at 2 p.m. On Saturday the boats leave at 6 a.m.

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