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If a cycling for half and full day tour is not your cup of tea then try us a week long trip cycling tour. If you have more time and like to see more in Southern part of Thailand. We have selected the scenic route for you. Cycling in 3 most famous tourists destination Phuket –Phang-Nga –Krabi. Each day we cycle around 50-70 km per day and sleep in standard and comfortable bungalow to luxury resort.

Group size: 2-12 people.

The size of the group is minimum 2 persons if you do have more friends that book the tour than two at the same time the cost of the tour will deduct down as for reasonable price. For individual biker we try to put you on the same sex room, (if the room is available) anyhow we will let you know our plan and discuss before the trip start.

Who can go on this multi day’s tour.

Any person with a good condition will have no problem to finish this tour. The average of speed cycling is 18-25 km per hrs. Most of the cycling follows on road little rolling terrain with some off road short tracks up, down hill. Some experience will help. But just everybody in good condition can enjoy this ride. You will enjoy various types of landscapes and get in touch with local people

Speed riding?

No..no… we are cruising in the speed of average 18-25 km / hour this is the right speed for bike touring and see thing around you. We will take a break in many places of interesting and our friendly guide will tell you the finer details of its area and background information.

q1Bikers group stop along the way to Ao Nang Krabi of distance of the day 85 km.When we start bike riding on the next day?

Let’s say 9.00-9.30 AM after your breakfast. You will have more time to sleep enough and re-load energy with breakfast then we shoot out. Time can be adjust depend on the schedule of the group or else

The tour guides.

Our guides are all very experienced, easy going and skilled bicycles, with an in-depth knowledge of the riding areas. English is their second language, so they can ensure you never miss what's going on and that you make the most of your time with us.

The bicycle.

This trip is a week cycling tour in different area of Thailand. Currently, we ask that you bring your own bicycle. That way you don't spend valuable time getting used to a strange machine -it's pure fun from the first ride! But How ever, if you cannot provide you own bike rental is an extra 300 baht per day per bicycle. Our bicycles are equipped with up-to-date Shimano parts 21-24 gears and good front suspension, and we have sizes and designs to suit any size of man or lady. Tour guests are advised to bring their own shorts and gloves. We can provide bicycle helmets for no extra charge.

Our back up vehicle on the main land.Back up vehicle.

We provided you with our supported vehicle on the main land. In Koh Yao Noi it is the small island every body should have your own small backpack to carry personal used for 1 night there.

All of your suite case will transfer Krabi by our escorted vehicle and the escorted vehicle will stay with us till the end of the journey. In the escorted vehicle we provide you drinking water, snacks, fruits, mini-cold towel, first aid during the bike riding. If you just want some break just jump on it and prepare for next riding.

Before and after the trip.

If you plan to come with us for bike riding. We recommend you to come to Phuket in advance for few days to adjust yourself with the climate during the hot season form November to April it is very warm and humid the average of the temperature is 34-37 C. during the day time. If you come in the rainy season form May to October the weather will be cooler but do not forget to bring your raincoat.

If you need the accommodation in Phuket before or after the trip we can assist you just mail us. Or after the trip if you like to stay more day in Phuket we can assist and drop you at the hotel you requested.

Picture at the pier Koh Yao Noi, Phang-Nga Province Biking along the way at Nai Sra Village, Krabi Province, Thailand.

Scenic view riding.

Discover yourself why the 3 area is the top tourist destination. Koh Yao Noi is the one of the world record provide by National Geographic 2003 of worth visiting and sustain e-co tourism.

Krabi-Ao Nang this is the perfect route for cycling, limestone krast mountain, billion green of local agriculture, rubber trees, oil palms, coffee field and more.

Ao Nang Bay is the most popular beach area in Krabi with over 80 island of amazing shape. Discover why may visitor have described it as one of the world most spectacular beach scenery.

Route Ao Nang to Ao luk is fantastic! No doubts why so many filmmakers form Hollywood choose this area for shooting. The up date info now is the movie call “80 days around the world” By Jacky Chan the famous Hong Kong action movie star. We are also going to that place as call Chinese temple in the scene.

Phang-Nga Bay. Surrounded by majestic mountains, beautiful rugged caves and magnificent sea. It offers visitor a whole range of interesting place to visit.

Apart form the charming tranquil town of Phang-Nga town. The Bay of Phang-Nga biketours also provided you the 4 hours trip by the local–noisy long tail boat to visit its spectacular limestone formation, one of which is famous the James Bond film” The Man with the Golden Gun!”

Route Phang-Nga to Phuket is the longest day of cycling 75-90 km if the weather a bit cloudy that is good fun but in the warm day we remind you t drink a lot of water as camel….Happy riding.

Meal plans we will offer you breakfast at your bungalow or hotel, lunch will serve a long the way at local noodle soup restaurant (May be some great Rotee or local pancake with ice coffee or lemon ice-tea)

Dinner? Yes, after a long day cycling we will take you to the local restaurant. Your guide is the big eater so they know well about the restaurant on route. We offer you Thai food and sea food too. Once you eat you have to eat it all as our rule"sleep like normal people eat like king". If you feel like something on your dish that you would like to ask more...do not hestitate to say it to your guide we can order it more and more for you. If you do not like seafood then we will find something else for you. Meals as show in the programs of the trip.

 Dinner at Koh Yao Noi Dinner at seaside restaurant at Ao Nang BeachDinner at Baan Bua Restaurant, Ao Nang Beahc

Place to sleep.
Our concept is cycling with scenic view and wake up with scenic view.
Our accommodation may not luxury but view from your room is first class.

At Koh Yao Noi / 1 night Our first night we will stay at standard bungalow with sea view at Takao bungalow or similar level. The room is simple with balcony. You will enjoy the scenery of the islands and so peaceful there. In the room there are no TV, radio, mini-bar, hot water, air-conditioned but electric fan. The climate there is always cooler than the daytime just close your mosquito- net before sleep. In the morning you should wake up early to see the panoramic sunrise there. So nice!

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Bungalow at Ao Nang Beach , nice+clean and garden surrounding
Accomodation in Ao-Luk  with cool background.

Bungalow at Koh Yao Noi, simple but looking  good.

At Ao Nang beach/ 3 nights

The bungalows in Ao Nang beach are constructed with both wooden and nature materials consisting of 24 bungalow air-conditioned offers hot and cold shower, TV, mini-bar as the room is nice and clean. We will stay here for 3 night. This bungalow is about 1 km to the main beach. You can walk up there for swimming or visit night market for some shopping or digest after dinner. We choose this place because it is nice surrounding with green trees and of course it is small amout of the tourists base on the number of rooms. The food here is an accepetable with reasonable price. Sometime we have some dinner here but we will ask the chef to do it in our syle.

At Ao LuK / 1 night.

Best we can find in town. The hotel is located in the hart of Ao Luk District all the rooms surrounded by beautiful garden with mountain background, and aromatic trees. The rooms are air condition, satellite TV, mini-bar, hot and cold water, out- doors swimming pool. Number of the room 36. This hotel of Ao Luk...we will stay here for 1 night . The room is clean and of course with nice view from your room. Around the hotel not much thing special if you would like to climb up behind the hotel for nice view of the town if you still have enough power to do that. For dinner we will take you out from the hotel to town for fresh sea food dinner then sleep..if you can not sleep..at the low floor of the hotel there is Kara O Ke for sing a song. if you can read Thai then be my guest!

Phang-Nga bay / 2nights

The hotel is situate along the cannel of mangrove swam. The view form the room is fantastic, which you can enjoy over looking at local boats took the tourist sight seeing and passing by.

The hotel is four floors, 88 rooms including suite rooms deluxe and standard rooms, full wall to wall: carpeted with air conditioning refrigerator and color television with movie channel, private long-bath with hot cold water.

Try some local pancake or common called "Rotee Rotee" served with hot or cold ice-coffee.

NOTE: The sun is much stronger than you might think, use sun block higher than 20 the first days. If you get burned go to a Thai pharmacy and get the local treatment. It is cheap and works great!


First day: Phuket-Koh Yao Noi

Transportation: Join Local Boat

Meals: lunch and dinner

Distance 42-50 Km.

Surface: village road up and down hill.

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8.15-8.30 am. We will collect you from your hotel in Phuket and take you Pier north east of Phuket. Experience the local-boat with 200-horse power truck diesel engine head to the island. After one-hour boat ride then we cycle to our accommodation check in and lunch. In afternoon bike riding around the island.


Dinner and over night.

Second day:
Koh Yao Noi
Krabi, Ao Nang

Transportation: Private boat+
escort vehicle

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner


Surface: on road

q6.jpg (11627 bytes)9.00 am. After breakfast, checkout and board on our private boat to Lamsak pier. Enjoy the scenery of island in different formation.

Meet our escort vehicle and continue by the escort vehicle to Tan Bok waterfall, visit the waterfall. Start cycling to Ao-Nang Krabi province. Lunch a long the way at local restaurant.


16.00-17.00 Check in at Ao Nang GreenView.

Dinner and overnight.

Third day:
Ao Nang-Wat Tamsua-Krabi town-Ao-Nang.

Transport: bike+escort vehicle

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Distance: 60 km.

Surface: off & on road.

9.00 am. After breakfast, start biking from resort on the scenic on and off road route to Wat Thamsua (the famous temple for meditation) .Climb up to the view point of the Wat over 1,000 steps (it you can do) Lunch along the way to Krabi town.

Krabi town cycling around the town and stop in the local coffee shop then heading back to hotel.

Dinner and overnight.

Fourth day: Free day at leisure for explore Ao Nang beach and beyond.

Transport: -

Meals: Breakfast at your hotel.

Distance: -

Surface: -

q66.jpg (8409 bytes)An easy day: time for explore yourself Ao Nang Beach and surrounding. You might take some optional tours as kayaking, rock climbing, biking around, swimming in the sea (if the sea condition not too danger).



Fifth day: Ao Nang-Ao Luk.

bike+escort vehicle.

Meals:breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Distance: 70 km.

Surface: on road.

q77.jpg (11073 bytes)9.00 am. After breakfast, start bike riding on the scenic route to Nai Sra village, take a short break for swimming in the lagoon. Continue cycling to visit the orchid farm and . Lunch along the way to Ao Luk. Check in and overnight at Ao Luk.

Dinner and over night.

Sixth day: Ao Luk-Phang-Nga Bay

Transport: bike+escort vehicle.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Distance: 50 Km.

Surface: on road.

9.00am. After breakfast, start bike riding on the road to Phang Nga most of the road is flat, easy going along the way we will visit the oil palm factory. Check in at the hotel, free time in the afternoon.

Dinner and overnight.

Seventh day: Phang Nga Bay-Sight seeing trip James Bond Island.

Transport: local long tail boat.

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Duration: 4 hours.

Surface: sea.

q99.jpg (9251 bytes)10.00 am. An easy day for relaxing, after breakfast take a few steps form our hotel and board on the local boat for exploring the mangrove swam, Phang-Nga bay, James Bond Island, Panyee Village. Lunch at Panyee Island or at hotel afternoon free time or cycling to Phang-Nga town.

Dinner and overnight.

Eighth day: Phang-Nga bay-Phuket.

Transport: bike and escorted vehicle.

Meals: breakfast and lunch

Distance: 80-90 km.

Surface on road.

9.00 am. After breakfast, check out, start bike riding to Phket. Enjoy the view of the bridge that connects the island to the main land. The trip is concluded at 2-sister monument in Phuket.

map78.gif (34274 bytes)

All this means you can enjoy the riding, scenery, culture and atmosphere of the Southern part of Thailand, knowing we've taken care of everything for your stay.

Tour price. 8 Days 7 nights cycling tours
Minimum: 2 person, maximum 12 person.

Tour prices are in Thai Baht.

2 person

3-4 person

5-12 person

Stay at hotel* Except 1st night




* The price is different from the 3 nights hotel in Ao Nang Beach.

* Please see the topic place to sleep

Room are base on twin sharing. If you are individual traveler we will try to put you on the same sex room. If you wish to stay in the single room an extra cost will add on for hotel in Ao Nang Beach 3 nights 4,000 Baht or for bungalows 2,500 Baht.

Plan your trip.

The over night cycling tour we need 30 days to make reservation in your accommodations, boat transfer, supported vehicles and adjust the group to suite the itinerary.

Accommodation: kho.gif (4925 bytes)
local bungalow at Koh Yao Noi + Ao Nang
(twin sharing)
Meals: are included as mentioned.

Bicycles: Well maintain Mountain bike 21-24 gears with front suspension
Category: adventure cycling (it is- compulsory to wear a cycling helmet).
Beverage: dr.jpg (14320 bytes)because of the tropical heat it is advisable to drink a lot. We will stop along the way at local shops or at our support vehicle to provide you cold water and energy drinks.
Clothing: please bring your own, gloves, bicycle shorts, SPD shoes and pedals. A cycling helmet will be available.
Escort vehicle: su.gif (5377 bytes)there is support vehicle on mainland as our back up : fruits, drinking water, energy drinks, mini-cold towel
We strongly recommend that tour guests bring their own bicycles.

However, bike rental is an extra 300 baht per day per bicycle if you cannot provide you own. Our bicycles are equipped with up-to-date Shimano parts and good front suspension, and we have sizes and designs to suit any size of man or lady.

Tour guests are advised to bring their own shorts and gloves. We can provide bicycle helmets for no extra charge.


Full payment by bank transfer is required 3 weeks before the trip departure.
All bank transfer charge / fees to be paid by clients. Our bank account number is:

  • Branch: Phuket Branch.
  • Account type: Current Account.
  • Account No: 805-6-04088-9
  • Account name: Action Holidays Phuket.


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