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mountain bike thailand
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Bike Tours Thailand
, is Thai tour company specializing in soft on-road bicycle tours and challenging off-road cycling in Phuket and southern Thailand.

The travel philosophy Bike Tours Thailand is based on years of experience in the travel industry in Thailand and also a firm commitment to offering responsible travelers a safe and genuinely caring approach together with responsible and sustainable ecologically tourism.

Our tourism business background gives us the insight to understand what a visitor to Thailand would like to see and would find of interest.

Our tour service philosophy is not commission-based or designed to allow you to spend your money. We take you to places because we think people should know about them.

bike tour thailand

Our tour service philosophy.
We take tourists to places of interest because they are valid and worthy, not just to commercial outlets because we want them to spend their money and take a commission.Our role is not necessarily to be your entire holiday, but to be part of your cycling holiday and to show you the unusual and uplifting projects and developments designed to promote educational and worthy   causes, places which not even residents of the city are aware exist, places which otherwise you would certainly never see.

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Our Tour Specialty
Our specialty is bicycle tours or more specifically cycling in Phuket and biking in
Southern Thailand. This includes soft on-road mountainbike adventure as well as challenging off-road mountain biking in the mountains of Phuket. We also have equipment suited to even young children. For either end of the age scale we have designed tours which can be biking at a more leisurely pace so everyone can join in the fun.
bicycle thailand

All of our adult mountain bikes are fully equipped with Shimano or SRAM technology and front suspension.Your mountain bike guides are skilled bicycle mechanics and all mountain bike maintenance is carried out on tour. We care about our equipment as much as we care about the environment. We know what we are doing and ride for pleasure as much as for business.

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Our tours range from a bike tour half-day tour to a multi-days holiday and we also complement our mountain bike tours with other soft adventure tours which can also range from a day tour to a multiple days tour.

phuket bike

Enjoy leisurely interactions.
We enjoy leisurely interactions with people during visits to homes, schools and markets, and are generally awed by the hospitality and extraordinary landscapes.Learn of developments, and achievements, and the complexity and diversity of Phuket, Thailand, that rarely come to the attention of the South Thailand.

thailand bike tour

Also trying to do everything possible to encourage tourists back to areas hit by effects of the Tsunami.

We are trying our best in helping and promoting Phuket and the Andaman Region that effected after the hit of the boxing day. The pictures below here are the Travel Agency From many countrieswhom made the trip to visit Phuket on Mountain bike as Discover Phuket Trip.

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The picture of the Travel Agncy from France.
(Kuoni France) on the Discover Phuket on Bike Tours.

mountain bike thailand
Group photo at Bang Rong village during the visiting its villages, to meet local people and get a rare glimpse into their daily lives.

thailand bike tour

The Tourism Autority of THAILAND ( Switzerland ) & group of travel agencies visit Phuket and surrounding by mountain bike with Bike Tours in Phuket. The trip was by Beat Scwager, The Manager Asian Trails LTD Phuket.

Paticipiants from Switzerland : SWISS Airlines, TAT Switzerland, Argo Travel, FantAsia, Cristal Travel, Jerrycan Voyages, TCS Voyage, Let's Travel, Neos Voyages, Imholz Voyages, Sun Travel, Kuoni, Cocktail Vacances, Albertsen. join phuket mountain bike by Bike tour Thailand

phuket cycling

phuket mountain bike

thailand mountain bike
Discover Phuket by mountain bike, The Tourism Authority of Thailand (Switzerland)

PORCHET/Laurent Mr.
(SWISS Airlines)
GRETZ/Gere Mr.
(TAT Switzerland)
GRANGIER/Helene Mrs.
(Argo Travel)
(Cristal Travel)
FAVROD/Sylvie Mrs (FantAsia)
PYTHOUD/Emmanuelle Mrs. (Jerrycan Voyages)
CHARMILLOT/Daniela Mrs. (Martelli Voyages) HERRERA/Victor Mr.
(TCS Voyages) OPPIKOFER/Aude Mrs.
(Let's Travel)
DONDENAZ/Marika Mrs.
(Neos Voyages)
MORIER-GENOUD/Carole Mrs. (Imholz Voyages)
FLURY/Beat Mr (Sun Travel)
MAUVAIS/Axelle Mrs. (Kuoni)
LABORDE/Sonja Mrs.
(Cocktail Vacances)
SALVISBERG/Joelle Mrs. (Albertsen)
EMERY/Salia Mrs (BH Travel)

Escort group: TREUTHARDT/Pascal Mr.
Asian Trails Ltd ( Phuket)

bike tour phuket
Discover Phuket on mountain bike By
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (Switzerland )

SOLDATI/Jessica Mrs
(TAT Switzerland)
KAESER/Philipp Mr
(SWISS Airlines)
KAUFMANN/Corinne Mrs (Hotelplan)
HUBER/Caroline Mrs (Hotelplan)
MATTER/Anita Mrs (Hotelplan)
BORTOLUZZI/Patrizia Mrs (Hotelplan)
MARAKE/Petra Mrs (Hotelplan)
WETTER/Andreas Mr (Intertravel AG)
ZELLER/Roland Mr (Travelwindow AG)
FOEPPL/Rainer Mr
(Den’s Travelshop)
ZOSSO/Cyrill Mr
(Sun Yachting)
BECKMANN/Fran Mr (Mondial)
(Parade Reisen)
MARK/Roman Mr (Aves Reisen)
(Peco Tours AG)
(Wettstein Tour Operating)

Escort:HAUMUELLER/Roger Mr (Asian Trails Bangkok),


thailand bike tour

bike tour thailand

thailand biking

mountain bike thailand

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Action Holidays Phuket, Since 2001
First and Original Bicycle Tour Operator in Phuket, Phang N
ga and Krabi Province. Thailand.
Certificated Travel License with Tourism Authority of Thailand Number 34-00435.
Tel : +66 (0)76 263 575 or +66(0) 81-7976540

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